Circus Browns Not a Side Show
TTYL! LMAO! BRB! WWJD? WTF?! WTFWJD?LLRR! Local Live Rock and Roll. Every Friday on KRCL 90.9FM produced by the tragically glamorous and transiently agoraphobic sex god, Connery, and hosted by vegan activist and polyamorous pit master spinning the sweet wax when the set ain't live, the spy who loved me- Circus Brown.

Gaza live in the KRCL studios as well as a nice long interview.

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Jawwzz visits the KRCL studios for a live performance and we talk about how awesome Jaws-3D was.

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September 23, 2002 - Circus Brown's Not a Side Show sprouted from the wee hours of the KRCL studios. 10 years later to commemorate this monumental occasion Yaktooth plays live in the KRCL studios. It’s a celebration bitches.

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I know, I know its been a long time since I've had a band on the show, so here you go. Your Meteor playing live on the KRCL.

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Starvist rocks solar paneling off the KRCL building in support of CruicialFest 2012 which is happening right now! Visit for more info on this special Utah event. Thanks Starvist and Jarom for coming down and making this happen, also Thanks to Garrett for some kick ass sound!

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oldtimer on krcl last Friday April 27th, bringing the Doom back to Fridoom.

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Make love to a sweet sweet cigarette and enjoy some La Noche on this episode of Circus Brown's Snow White Chihuahua fiasco.

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Another great Friday the 13th episode of Not a Side Show. Local artists Spirit Master raise the bar for future Snackbox participants.

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On April 6, 2012 Twins played live on Not A Side Show, I'd like to say more about the show here, but I need to get approval from Twins manager Mike Brown before I can do so.

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This last weekend The Shivas dropped into the KRCL studios for a live performance on their way back to Portland from SXSW.

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Here we go with the second band from March 9, 2012 The Sleepwalkers live on KRCL 90.9 FM.

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Two Band, One Show, here's the first band from Friday March 9, 2012.

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Everybody's gunna get laid... if they listen to this podcast. Disclaimer: I did not write or perform any of these songs.

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In the dead of night of killing white steel hits the head another rabbits dead. The Jingoes live in the KRCL studios 2/24/2012.

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The way I remember this is I called a band named Spiritmaster and asked them to play my show, then I get a call that someone in that band is in jail our on vacation or working late and I was bummed. I was all excited to talk DAOC with Spiritmaster, but they knew some band called Sleepwalkers and they were supposed to play but then something about cereal or a vegan deli happened and I was cool with it. They had me get in touch with Broken Spells who this podcast is not only dedicated to but also about. Tuesday.

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At first I thought they were The Dark C's, and then some people were call them Dar KAH Seas, well I did, anyways new podcast- stick it in your ears.

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Live @ KRCL on Friday the 13th of January two thousand and twelve.

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