Circus Browns Not a Side Show
TTYL! LMAO! BRB! WWJD? WTF?! WTFWJD?LLRR! Local Live Rock and Roll. Every Friday on KRCL 90.9FM produced by the tragically glamorous and transiently agoraphobic sex god, Connery, and hosted by vegan activist and polyamorous pit master spinning the sweet wax when the set ain't live, the spy who loved me- Circus Brown.

Another lost Snackbox special this episode features local Twee band Sleepover, I loves this performance and interview, I hope you do too!

I'd also like to note that I recorded this a little too low, so I did some fancy sound-gu-neering and upped some levels let me know if you likey the sound.

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Another lost episode featuring local SLC artists Blackbirds, their drummer was sick and couldn't make it but the acousticness is simply awesome. 

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Legendary comedian Doug Stanhope calls into Not a Side Show for a nice 20 minute interview, it's pretty damn funny, just listen!

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Legendary comedian Doug Stanhope calls into Not a Side Show for a nice, funny 20 minute interview.

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This file managed to get lost but I gone done and found it!  From early February of 2010 Laserfang comes down to the studio and plays a few sweet songs.  I totally screw up and called them Laserfangs... it's not my fault a guest that didn't know better told me that was their name, I knew better this was the second time they played my show.  So again, sorry Laserfang for losing this p'cast and sorry for adding an 'S' to your name.  These guys rule, download it now!

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April 9, 2010 on KRCL's Not a Side Show, Circus Brown invites down Daniel and his trio to do some live mashups of some popular hits.  This extra long live set is the perfect podcast for chillin' out.  GET IT NOW!!!

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They're no vowel worshippers, but they did stop by the KRCL studios on April 2nd to command worship of their soon to be released album Metal Church.  CD release party is @ Burt's Tiki on April 10th, if you want some heavy come and get it!

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