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TTYL! LMAO! BRB! WWJD? WTF?! WTFWJD?LLRR! Local Live Rock and Roll. Every Friday on KRCL 90.9FM produced by the tragically glamorous and transiently agoraphobic sex god, Connery, and hosted by vegan activist and polyamorous pit master spinning the sweet wax when the set ain't live, the spy who loved me- Circus Brown.

Mustard Slim came down from Logan, Utah to play on KRCL, unbelievably good. This is the 20th band that's played on the show this year, We still have a couple more coming on before 2024, enjoy!

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I was freaking out at how awesome these 27 yr olds were. Batshit 72! or Batshirt72 as I call it on air cuz I'm a good boi. Also known as Mister Luck, Batshit 72! is rockin' please check this out or at  the very lease smash the like and subscribe button!

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October 6th of the 2023 year we had Jacob Barrett and his band come down to KRCL and show us what they got. Jacob played previously with the band Dolï in August. Well, he's back to show us what else he can do, check this performance out!

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The last time Jacob played on Not a Side Show was October of 2017. He's just a one-man-band but don't let that fool you, he does it all and this show really blew my mind. Check it out!

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August 25th of the summer of '23 I had my first blues band ever playing on my show. Now... I really don't know why they call it 'The Blues' because this band made me so happy. Folk please download or stream this awesome performance by Union Blues... smash that like and subscribe button.

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August 18th of the year 2023 Doli came to the studio for a live performance. Their bass player couldn't make it so they played as a duo just Alex and Jacob normally on drums playing guitar and it was incredible. Seriously this is such a treat to have experienced, I love being a volunteer for KRCL.

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August 11, 2023 was another great night for live music on KRCL, August was just an amazing month for live music on Not a Side Show. Enjoy this awesome performance by Silke!

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In August we had a band on every single Friday. August 4th we had Fërn playing live in studio. I hope you love this one as much as I do.

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The Lucky 13th episode of the 2023 season goes to Folk Hogan, watch out this ones spicy!

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Lord Vox played July 7, 2023. 

One of my favorites, and they're really going to play a Backhaus tomato party at my place eventually. 

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June was a great month in the Salt City, I had Mantis Jackson in studio on this June 2nd night. Can you get enough Not a Side Show? I haven't tried.

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The Fervors came down to KRCL and brought some heat on June 30th. Can't wait for them to release an album so we can get them back on the show.

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Another great performance on KRCL, this time the one-man band Golden and the Robots visits the studio for a Cinco de Mayo performance.

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Back in April on an all request live version of Not a Side Show, Magda Vega refused to play any of my requests. No Aldo Nova, no REO Speedwagon, not one note from Aja. They just played Magda Vega jams, check it out.

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You might not be aware of Breakfast Club Day but it is March 24th every year. On March 24th 2023 it was also Space Gun day. Please take a few minutes out of your outrageously busy day and check this band out!!!!!!

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King of Procrastination - Circus Brown here with another podcast, this time we have Dearth of Earth playing live right here on KRCL. 

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Back in the cold days of February, February 10, 2023 to be exact, Interior Wild came down and warmed up the KRCL studio. Check this out!

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Well folks, it's time I got caught up on podcasting, the funny thing is I love the heck out of podcasts, but I don't love the heck out of making them. I'll try harder, sorry for the delay. Tige and the Sons of Carlisle played live on KRCL February 10, 2023.

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Thurgood Jenkins just throwing it down on KRCL

Thurgood Jenkins

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Every time I have a band on Not a Side Show I sit back and listen to them play and think to myself that I hope this never ends. Thankfully there's 127 new bands formed every week in Utah, so there's a really good chance we will never run out of music. Doomcupcake was the guest on January 20, 2023. They rocked, the interview was perfect and hilarious, posting this podcast is so satifying. I hope you enjoy this and all the choice bands that've played on Not a Side Show.

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The Dirt Nappers are a fine Ogden band that graced the KRCL airwaves as the first Not a Side Show guests of 2023. 

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Well the magical day of 11-11-22 brought in the crazy cool Tycoon Machete to KRCL. Check out this show!

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On this fine October the 28th night Debrider came down to KRCL and slapped a thunder shirt on the KRCL listeners. Enjoy!

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On September 23, 2002 Not a Side Show started as an early morning show from 3 to 5 in the AM on 90.9 FM KRCL in Salt Lake City, Utah. Still on the same great radio station but now at 8 to 10:30 PM on Friday nights. On this 20th anniversary I replayed the same setlist that I had 20 years ago and had local metal heads MERULA play live in the KRCL studio. Check my socials for the original set list.

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I'm alive, sorry for the late updates folks but new podcasts are a comin'. This nice episode first aired December 21, 2018 in the beautiful KRCL studios.

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Half Narwal and half Orca check out 2-Headed Whales Black Friday performance on KRCL!

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I really, really, REALLY like Lord Vox check out these fine tunes played live in Utah's #1 radio station!

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These guys are so choice! Also Playing Live October 26th at 1102 West 440 North in SLC check them out!

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Damn, these guys are so choice! Check out Lube!

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These young gentlemen are so young! The Dream Tapes!

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This band is so choice, check out Swantourage!

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Maybe the greatest band name ever Balls Capone!

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Together Forever is wow, so hard. Get this Podcast!

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Last time The Echo People played on Not a Side Show was 2007 and the show was on at 10pm Saturday night. It's good to have them back and see what they're up to now. Check out this choice performance.

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Getting back on top of the backlog, here's an incredible performance by Beachmen on KRCL!

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Sorry podcasters but I've been horrible at keeping up on my 'casts. Enjoy this sweet performance from Noble Bodies earlier this year!

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There's not enough one man bands in the world, Jacob T. Skeen really is so choice, check out this new p-cast!

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Magda-Vega have released their new album Destroyer it's pretty Choice. Check out their live performance and sweet Ween cover!

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After their first performance last October I told Brain Bagz to just come in and play whenever, and now we're listening to their 3rd time in studio! Hell they might be back before the years over! Thanks Brain Bagz and thank you listeners! KRCL RULEZ!

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I'm pretty sure Baby Gurl has the best Provo song yet. Sweet sound engineering by Sully.

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Brain Bagz came down to KRCL to play you a few songs and promote their upcoming 7-inch release "God Hates Bagz" on May 27th at Diabolical Records. 

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Utah County is always producing awesome bands, here's the live performance of Another Statistic featuring Elaine Bradley (drums/vocals) of Neon Trees, Bryce Taylor (guitar/vocals), and tropical fish enthusiast Chris Bennet (bass).



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Ahh spring is in the air and so is the loud sounds of Motherkilljoy!

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Another awesome show and probably the last of 2016, enjoy The Nods! Boy Howdy I know I did.

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Listeners please bask in this beautiful after-radiothon glow with Brain Bagz

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The Cold Year is back and they have a new album coming out September 10th!

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A great young singer songwriter James Junius visits KRCL for a late July performance.

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Friday night and Wyld Hares visit KRCL to play some songs and promote their upcoming play WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO END.  Yeah, so choice.

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Its been a long time since The Statuettes visited Not a Side Show, in fact it was last decade. This night they really did shine. Enjoy! Not a Side Show Podcasts have now been downloaded 30,000 times!

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I didn't think I'd ever have a chance to get Form of Rocket to play Not a Side Show but this totally happened!

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Hallovved playing live in the KRCL studios to promote CrucialFest. Fine sound by Sully. #CrucialFest

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Amazing Science Fiction sounds provided by Conquer Monster in this weeks episode of Not a Side Show.

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Wow! Johanna Johanna live in the KRCL studios!

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Another fine Salt Lake City band playing live on Circus Browns Not a Side Show! Special thanks to Rowan and Sully for doing a fine job on sound, setup, and filming this performance.

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Ah yes, the first show of spring... Magda-Vega comes down to KRCL and plays new songs live just for you! Very nice sound, setup, and filming by Sully tonight!

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On this episode of Not a Side Show Holy Revolver comes by to play some tunes and I ask them if they've been down too long in the midnight sea. You know what I mean?

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In this weeks episode of Not a Side Show The Cold Year come down to the studio and talk about what bands they would shiv & curb.

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July 3, 2015 featuring Quiet Oaks, more like Boisterous Birches, am I right?

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May 29th The Ditch and the Delta grace the KRCL studios.

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On May 15th we had Die Off playing live in the KRCL studios. They are also coming to a CrucialFest near you this June!

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May 8th, Hard Men come down to the station and get hard. Yes this is SFW.

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Busting out on the FM airwaves promoting their upcoming album release Folk Hogan stops on by the KRCL studios. Enjoy!

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First live band of 2015 right here on Not a Side Show, Albino Father.

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Seven Feathers Rainwater drop some of the longest tunes on tonights podcast.

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Yes this huge sound is coming from a two-piece with just a violin and drums. Really makes me wonder what a dozen people are doing in these 'collective' bands.

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In the KRCL studios to play live and talk about the lawsuit from the Teddy Graham corporation The PentagrahamCrackers!!!!!!

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Whoa... This ones been a long time coming, I'm back baby! So is this band live from the late winter showing down at KRCL The Kixsts.

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Gaza live in the KRCL studios as well as a nice long interview.

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Jawwzz visits the KRCL studios for a live performance and we talk about how awesome Jaws-3D was.

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September 23, 2002 - Circus Brown's Not a Side Show sprouted from the wee hours of the KRCL studios. 10 years later to commemorate this monumental occasion Yaktooth plays live in the KRCL studios. It’s a celebration bitches.

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I know, I know its been a long time since I've had a band on the show, so here you go. Your Meteor playing live on the KRCL.

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Starvist rocks solar paneling off the KRCL building in support of CruicialFest 2012 which is happening right now! Visit for more info on this special Utah event. Thanks Starvist and Jarom for coming down and making this happen, also Thanks to Garrett for some kick ass sound!

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oldtimer on krcl last Friday April 27th, bringing the Doom back to Fridoom.

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Make love to a sweet sweet cigarette and enjoy some La Noche on this episode of Circus Brown's Snow White Chihuahua fiasco.

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Another great Friday the 13th episode of Not a Side Show. Local artists Spirit Master raise the bar for future Snackbox participants.

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On April 6, 2012 Twins played live on Not A Side Show, I'd like to say more about the show here, but I need to get approval from Twins manager Mike Brown before I can do so.

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This last weekend The Shivas dropped into the KRCL studios for a live performance on their way back to Portland from SXSW.

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Here we go with the second band from March 9, 2012 The Sleepwalkers live on KRCL 90.9 FM.

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Two Band, One Show, here's the first band from Friday March 9, 2012.

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Everybody's gunna get laid... if they listen to this podcast. Disclaimer: I did not write or perform any of these songs.

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In the dead of night of killing white steel hits the head another rabbits dead. The Jingoes live in the KRCL studios 2/24/2012.

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The way I remember this is I called a band named Spiritmaster and asked them to play my show, then I get a call that someone in that band is in jail our on vacation or working late and I was bummed. I was all excited to talk DAOC with Spiritmaster, but they knew some band called Sleepwalkers and they were supposed to play but then something about cereal or a vegan deli happened and I was cool with it. They had me get in touch with Broken Spells who this podcast is not only dedicated to but also about. Tuesday.

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At first I thought they were The Dark C's, and then some people were call them Dar KAH Seas, well I did, anyways new podcast- stick it in your ears.

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Live @ KRCL on Friday the 13th of January two thousand and twelve.

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Good News Everyone, I don't say a damn thing this entire podcast! Daniel Day Trio playing live on KRCL.

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Man Crate Man Crate Man Crate Man Crate Man Crate... MAN CRATE! Live on KRCL

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Damn these guys rock, here they are playing live on Not a Side Show December 2, 2011.

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Starmy, yes, Starmy. Do I need to say more than that? Enjoy!

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This is Not a Side Show from Friday October 28th with MaxPain & The Spookies playing tracks off their new Halloween album Live From Hell. Also in studio we have After the Party playing live spooky music.

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One of the 16 bands that sprung up from Vile Blue Shades break-up. ENJOY!

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Second band of the night, just another magical Disneylike night at KRCL

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Thanks for your Radio-a-thon donations, here's the Suicycles live on KRCL, thefirst of two bands from October 14, 2011.

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On July 8, 2011 KRCL was attacked. A baby skunk infiltrated the KRCL defense system, hilarity ensued. I'm joined with Friday Night Fallout host The Roots Rocker to recount the dramatic event of that night.

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Another week, and another pcast.  Ths week's guest is The 321s from the SLC, performing 4 very nice songs and I conduct the most sleep deprived interview ever.

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Davis County musicians trek down to the KRCL studios for a live performance.  I also bust out with "Who's Jimmer" my take on the 1986 El DeBarge chart topping classic "Who's Johnny".

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Neither the savior, nor dwarves that are into Hip Hop.  Check out Mike Cundick from Loom side project.

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Provo, Utah psych rockers In Dreaming live on the finest commercial free airwaves in America 90.9 FM

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Cowboy hats and slide guitars, damn this is a fine episode, check out The Trappers playing live on 90.9 FM KRCL

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I'm not going to gloss this podcast up, personally I'm a huge fan of David Williams, this is a new choose your own adventure podcast I hope you download it, Enjoy!

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Words cannot describe this wonderful show... seriously!

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